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Good Bones and the Vision of our Ancestors

Visioning Ceremony- August 2022

It's hard to believe that groundbreaking for the reconstruction of the Spanish Wall house and boots on the ground for our Living Museum project started on a cool December morning last year. We had previously gathered in a libation ceremony to honor the spirit of our ancestors and to ask for their strength, guidance and protection.

Staking out the perimeter of the house

Framing out the house

Framing the house

On this December day though, the site was bushed and the angle of the house on the land was determined. Ann, Peter and Mas Guy supervised and assisted with the entire process. How will the sunlight hit the house? Where are the prevailing winds? The site lines and the approach to the house were established.

The perimeter of the house was then staked and the post holes were dug. The house was framed using repurposed lumber from the house that was deconstructed in January 2021 and newly harvested lumber that resists rot and insect destruction: logwood, braziletto, barberry bullet (see previous posts)

Mas Guy and Vincent speaks of "...hurricane straps made of wis (a vine)"

House was still standing 100 years later. Let's hope our is the same.

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