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HOPE Drives the Apprentices and Supporters to Continue

As you know, since January Maas Guy began to train the apprentices, Marsha, Baldy, O’Neil, Vincent and Blade to reconstruct the Spanish Wall house from the ground up to the ridge. They’ve learned valuable homegrown techniques and applied them to wood selection, building and firing a traditional lime kiln. They also now understand how to select red earth for mortar, lay limestone, thatch and do basic lime rendering.

Unfortunately, at the end of March 2023, with funds depleted the project is at a standstill and 70% done. So WARE has started a GoFund Me campaign. All contributions will pay to train and sustain the apprentices for another 5 weeks to complete the project.

Funds will:-

-Complete thatching

-Build our 3rd limekiln

-Complete Spanish Wall infill

-Render walls inside and out with lime plaster

-Whitewash the interior and exterior walls

-Install joists and flooring

-Repair and restore the existing doors and windows

-Repair interior walls

-Install appropriate light and power

-Prepare the exterior for water runoff, wheelchair-friendly access

I encourage you to put some support in our WARE basket. You can make all the difference and continue work on the Vassel House!

**Jamaica based donors can make direct deposits using our banking details:-**

Bank: JMMB Bank (Haughton Terrace)

Account Holder: The Ware Collective Limited

JMD Smart Business - SME Chequing Account 006000177833

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