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 2021 Has Been A Busy Year

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  • We Recorded and Disassembled a 120 year-old Spanish Wall House


  • Annual Arts & Heritage Enrichment Camp for children ages 6-11 years 

  • 2 weeks, 30 students, 4 teachers in south eastern St. Elizabeth



Installed a 20 ft. mixed media Heritage Mosaic-Mural in Southfield Square, St. Elizabeth

  • Jamaica-USA collaboration with Carolyn Elaine & Zorhia Allen

  • Public art and heritage inspired tribute 


  • Our first Virtual Auction which featured 112 works, 45 artists and raised USD $15,000 net proceeds.

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What to Expect in 2022

  • Reassembly and Repurposing of the 120 year-old Spanish Wall House

    • First step in establishing the Living Museum

  • Continuation of Our Ambitious Fundraising Efforts

    • Goal: $150,000 USD

  • Community Outreach

  • Annual Arts and Heritage Enrichment Summer Camp

  • An Immersive Heritage Event - Heroes’ Weekend (concept in development)

    • Participate in farming, cooking, basket-making, Spanish Wall construction, mountain walks, yoga, mosaic art

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