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October 17, 2021

Auctioneer: Douglas Reid, Grosvenor Gallery

Master of Ceremonies: Dervan Malcolm, Power 106 FM

Curator: Carol Campbell

5 radio interviews, 2 TV appearances, 5 print media press releases and articles

Robust, expansive social media support

350 registrants

27 buyers/collectors bought 55 works of art

$15,000 USD was raised from art sales and pledges for the repurposing of the first Spanish Wall building

Copyright The WARE Collective

Artists Participating in the Virtual Auction Event

Marie          Baillie

Carol          Campbell

Camille       Chedda

Lennox       Coke

Katrina       Coombs

Alexander  Cooper, O.D.

Sherry-Ann       Crooks

Jonas               Cummings

Paula                Daley

Mabusha          Dennis

Michael            Elliot

Laura               Facey

Aretha            Facey-Dennis

Sharon           Fox-Mould

Peter              Francis

Devon             Garcia

Rosa       Naday Garmendia*

Nadine            Hall*

Norma       Harrack, O.D.

Devon        Harvey

Ann            Hodges

Bernard      Hoyes

Nakazzi      Hutchinson

Marjorie      Keith

Cookie        Kinkead

Amy            Laskin

Claudette    Lopez-Lewis

Ewan          McAnuff

Margaret     McGhie

Judy Ann    MacMillan

Jeff               Menzies

Petrona         Morrison

Clifford          Osbourne

Joseph          Richards

Sonia            Richards

Asser            Saint-Val*

Judith            Salmon

Margaret        Stanley

Michael          Stanley

Conard           Stone

Phillip             Supersad

Samere        Tansley


Mazola          Wa Mwashighadi

Donnette       Zacca

*Presented courtesy of Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator

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