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Pride, resilience, hard work and perseverance

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Pride, resilience, hard work and perseverance are all traits I learned growing up in rural

Clarendon Jamaica. But knowing how to build a house from scratch using only materials

found on the land? – that’s a whole different ball game.

The WARE Collective wants to preserve buildings but maybe even more importantly is

preserving the knowledge and ensuring intergenerational exchange. This January we

began a 6-week apprentice programme for 6 local St Elizabeth residents to learn the

fundamentals of traditional building methods, such as building a lime kiln, thatching a

roof and Spanish Walling- all with Master Builder Guy Parchment. I am so proud of

these apprentices and I just wish I could be there everyday to absorb the energy of the past and


Join The WARE Collective on a journey of discovery with Guy and his apprentices, Neil,

Baldy, Marsha, Vincent, Blade & July as they help reconstruct a building made of

timber, stone, white lime and red earth…all from scratch. Although we haven’t

confirmed the final name we’ve been calling it the Vassel House, and it was

deconstructed in January 2021.  

This adventure will uncover little known aspects of Jamaica’s great heritage and the

shared ideals that links us together and that allow us to move forward.

The Vassel House 2021

The Vassel House being deconstructed, 2021

Marsha, one the WARE Apprentices in traditional building techniques

Marsha shows off her newly acquired skill in Spanish Walling

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