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0 to 100 in ... 3 weeks? Let's try

The WARE Collective Apprentice Program led by Master Builder Guy Parchment is well on its way so we have to bring everyone up to speed over the next 3 blog posts.

-Recorded,disassembled and tranferred to safe keeping a 100+ y/o Spanish Wall house that was to be demolished........ (2021)....check!

-Acquired land to reassemble this 100+ y/o house and to create a Living Museum with other like structures in Malvern Chase (not Malvern), St. Bess; and also to show our connection to the traditional Jamaican arts, crafts and building techniques ......... (2022)....... check!

-Began the process of knowledge transfer and community engagement through the Apprentice Program ....... (Jan. 2023)......check!

Preserving our heritage, transforming lives, creating economic possibilities and showing the world the greatness of Jamaican culture and ou fi "Bil Op Wi Self!" ..... this is the journey we hope you will take with us.

Peter, community members and a team of volunteers working to save the Spanish Wall house that was in danger of being destroyed (2021)

Ann, Mr. Parchment and a volunteer recently laying out the new location of the Spanish Wall house that had been deconstructed in 2021

The frame of the Spanish Wall house that is being reconstructed. The lumber is wood that is being reused from the 2021 deconstruction process and also sustainably harvested from local woodlands. The lumber used for posts and for framing include: logwood, braziletto, ricki racka (or ric rac), red bullet, barberry bullet, pot stick wood.

The next step is the foundation of the house. As Mas Guy Parchment says, "If you're building a Spanish Wall house one of the first things you have to do is to build a lime kiln."

So next week let's talk about building a lime kiln. Until then I leave you with Blade, one of our apprentices that came to us through the Heart Trust/NSTA

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